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Steve Beckers - Vice President, imec.IC-link

Steve Beckers accumulates 34 years of experience in the semiconductor industry.
He started his career as ASIC Design Engineer in Alcatel, and subsequently occupied positions as Product Engineering Manager and Quality Manager in Alcatel Microelectronics.
In 1995 Steve started working at Alcatel Headquarters, and in 2002 he joined STMicroelectronics where he developed the ST Connectivity Products Business.
Since 2013 Steve works at imec where he is Vice President and General Manager of imec.IC-link.


Presentation abstract

From smart ideas to smart products

Over the last years, a new wave of hardware innovation is shaping the semiconductor landscape. Costs for implementations using Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) in a given semiconductor technology node have been reducing over time. This combined with the fact that many of today’s IoT applications can be realized using a more mature semiconductor technology has led to a revival in the use of ASIC technology.
This has attracted the attention of entrepreneurs and innovators and we observe, again after a 10 years period, an increase in hardware startups. The hardware often used in combination with an app or a data application.
Many system companies,  in the past using standard components to realize their products, are discovering the improved economies of ASIC technology and partner with ASIC design houses and ASIC supply chain providers to realize their next generation products. In this session we look at some examples and we will illustrate how imec can help you, to turn your smart ideas into smart products.


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