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After a master in electro-mechanics, Arnaud Furnémont completed his PhD at imec, focusing on characterization of nitride-based memory such as NROM and TANOS. In 2008, he joined Intel in Boise (Idaho) and became responsible for 20nm planar Flash reliability, and later for an emerging memory concept. In 2013 he joined imec as memory characterization and integration teams manager. Since end of 2014, Arnaud serves as memory director at imec, with MRAM, RRAM, 3D NAND and ferroelectric memories as main focuses.


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Classical memory roadmap remains strong: 3D NAND is an amazing solution to the 2D scaling showstoppers, and DRAM continues to scale despite a slowdown in overall sizes reductions. Yet, the memory needs are growing even faster, and the systems are always hungrier for low power, high bandwidth, high-density memories. It creates an opportunity for a multitude of emerging memories to be introduced at some point in the market, as the 3D XPoint exemplified recently. STT-MRAM, RRAM, Ferroelectric memories, SOT-MRAM all have a potential for some applications, but the old dream of a universal memory remains inaccessible. In this talk, we are going to dive into these concepts and better understand the challenges that still have to be fixed, and how to implement them to fit in the memory hierarchy.



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