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Piet Verhoeve    






Piet Verhoeve is imec’s program director for the imec.icon program. In that role, he lead the program that focusses on interdisciplinary cooperative research with industry. The imec.icon projects successfully create value for the partners involved, based on the cooperation of imec’s research groups with SME’s and large enterprises.

Before joining imec, Piet Verhoeve was active in industry as CTO of Televic for 12 years, during which he established the Televic innovation culture and successful academic cooperation. Dr. Piet Verhoeve holds a PhD in Electronic Engineering Science from the UGent (Belgium). Piet Verhoeve is also a guest professor at UGent. In his spare time Piet is a enthousiast supporter of STEM initiatives and volunteers as coach at Coderdojo. 

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Presentation abstract


In this era of exponential change, innovation and speed are key to the success of your organization. Mastering innovation in the networked world will be about joining forces and collaboration to reach “networked innovation”. Finding the right partners and setting up the appropriate partnerships can be essential to achieve the best results whereby all partners win. But how do you do this, how do you make it work?

The book Win-winnovation bundles the authors’ first-hand experience with innovative collaborations: which approaches are best suited to achieve win-win scenario’s. It gives an overview of different approaches and skills to establish successful partnerships for innovation. The presentation will give an overview of the key learnings described in the brand-new book that will be launched during this session.


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