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Michel De Wachter    






Michel De Wachter (born 1981) founded Appiness in cooperation with Jonas De Cooman in the beginning of 2014. He joined the company from BNP Paribas Fortis, where he started in the International Management Traineeship. After the traineeship, he mainly worked on product management and -strategy for the international retail network of the bank. Next to that, he was innovation ambassador and a member of the workgroup developing the Strategy 2020 for BNP Paribas Fortis.

Parallel to his own career, Michel De Wachter also tried to support the professional development of others as a member of the management team of YouBridge, a non-profit active in 11 countries. Today he functions as co-CEO and COO of the company and works out of London. Together with his co-founder Jonas, he transformed an idea into a company with more than 20 FTEs developing state of the art technology. In less than a year, Spott has been developed from scratch and put into the market having more than 110.000 users in Belgium alone within its first 4 months. Today Appiness has offices in Aalst, London, Seoul, Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The company received a Sprockit Startup Award on NAB Las Vegas’16, won the Global New Venture Challenge’16 of Chicago Booth, was one of 8 companies selected for the Microsoft Accelerator in London and is one of the 20 companies out of 2.500 pre-selected in the K-Start Accelerator in South Korea. Michel holds a Master of Economics and International Business from Hub EHSAL and two Bachelors of Science in Marketing and Accounting from Hogeschool Ghent.


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Michel will talk about how Appiness used co-creation and bundling strategies to immediately gain critical mass for their Spott product during the initial go to market. By using this strategy on different levels from product development to value propositions and pricing, aim is to get a maximal penetration in the market where every stakeholder will support Spott as it is in his own natural benefit to do so.


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