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Peter Lee    





Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, brings research into the world through mission-focused technology projects, spanning deep neural networks, speech translation, FPGA-powered clouds, quantum computing, undersea datacenters, augmented-reality, DNA storage, and AI chatbots. Previously, at DARPA, he led the DARPA Network Challenge, mobilizing millions to hunt for weather balloons – a groundbreaking experiment in open innovation. He was also formerly head of Carnegie Mellon’s computer science department. As a thought leader in technology innovation, Dr. Lee has led studies on the effect of research on economic growth for the National Research Council, and testified before the House Science and Technology Committee and Senate Commerce Committee on the impact of research on the nation’s competitiveness. In 2016, he was appointed to the President’s Cybersecurity Commission. Dr. Lee has been widely quoted on technology innovation, by the New York Times, MIT Technology Review, Wired, Fast Company, The Economist, ArsTechnica, CNN, and more.


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We are in the midst of a scientific and technological renaissance in the field of artificial intelligence. The hope and hype around AI is stunningly broad, spanning the core research community to the general public. But what are the core technical reasons for all of this? What are technical leaders seeing that causes them focus so much attention and investment in AI? Why do business leaders both embrace and fear the AI future so much? And what is meant by “democratize AI”? This presentation will address these and other related questions. Many of the ideas and examples will come from the perspective of research and technology development at Microsoft. At the same time, we will attempt to be relevant to anyone who is thinking about the transformative impact of AI in their own companies and domains.


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