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Maarten Willems - Business Director, imec

Since 2008, Maarten holds his current position as Business Director in the Smart Systems segment focusing on business development and sales of new sensor technology development and product marketing in the domains of image sensors, healthcare, wireless communication, wearables and power electronics, MEMS….


Presentation abstract

Imaging – there is more than meets the eye

As humans we are familiar with visible imaging but as we move closer to the singularity point where computers and humans will be at equal capabilities on a global scale, we believe systems will need a better set of eyes.

At imec, we are working on a number of fascinating technologies which allow systems to see more than meets the eye. With our embedded CCD technologies in CMOS we can reach high signal to noise ratio and see at very high-speed with little signal available. With our hyperspectral imaging systems, we enable systems to see and understand materials with a discrimination power far beyond the human eye and at speeds, cost and form factors unseen in the industry. For the automotive segment, we are working on radar enabled technologies that complement and blend in with visible imaging to develop more robust and safe systems of the future.

This talk will address a set of technologies which have proven their use in industrial applications and where some of these may even become consumer-oriented.



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