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WAPPR: Stimulating Interaction with Smart City Citizens 

Never before did so many people live in cities. As a consequence, the hustle and bustle of urban life is becoming ever more complex. Luckily, smart (city) technology can offer us the tools to turn this modern-day challenge into an opportunity. Imec’s ‘City of Things’ testbed in Antwerp offers the components and services to research and test products, services and business models in a smart city context – with prototypes being validated through a proven track record of living lab operations. 

WAPPR is a smartphone application that makes it possible to connect with the most important actors in a smart city context, i.e. the citizens themselves. The application allows users to consult smart city information and to interact with it by reacting on location, beacon and event based triggers that are set up across the city. For instance, users can locate places that need cleaning, take pictures of road constructions, provide feedback on city services, etc. 

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