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Unprecedented Video Quality Through High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Visualization technology has improved considerably in the last decades, but traditional techniques still do not succeed in matching the visual information content of a real scene or the perception capabilities of the human visual system. One aspect where it tends to fall short is rendering of luminance range. Human perception can adapt to a broad range of luminance conditions, perceiving both bright and darker objects very clearly. 
This technological shortcoming is addressed by High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, which does offer the possibility to accurately preserve the wide dynamic range of luminosity in a real scene. 
In this demo, we shed a light on research conducted by imec - ETRO - VUB which intends to make HDR imaging more feasible by developing efficient data compression formats. Moreover, the imec - VUB researchers contribute to evaluating the performance of these techniques by designing HDR-specific visual quality assessment procedures and metrics. 
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