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Technology–Enhanced Collaborative Learning (TECOL)

Universities are being challenged to create new forms of teaching, learning and evaluation – as students no longer want to be passive consumers of knowledge. The current job market also demands increasingly diverse competencies from employees, requiring higher education to pursue a more interactive and collaborative approach. Finally, lifelong learning is expected from today’s employees, which means that student populations are becoming increasingly diverse; as a result, the demand for flexible (remote and time-shifted) education is growing steadily.

To meet this need for interactivity and flexibility, KULeuven set up the TECOL project (Technology-Enhanced Collaborative Learning) in collaboration with two industry partners, Barco and Televic. The TECOL platform aims to increase both student engagement and teacher efficacy in the classroom by developing and implementing solutions for better connectivity and interactivity in higher education, and by evaluating adoption and effectiveness of these solutions.

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