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Smart Sportswear: Tracking Athletes’ Performance

To improve their technique and performance, athletes need to be able to track and analyze their performance over time. At the moment, they typically use video-based systems to do this. However, the accuracy of these systems is limited to the angles the videos are shot at and they are not very convenient for outdoor training. Moreover, they do not usually provide any physiological information.

Imec has developed smart garments that integrate motion capture, muscle activity analysis and cardiovascular tracking. This smart sportswear can be used to analyze and improve athletic performance and to prevent potential injuries. All data are captured and stored in real-time on an SD card for offline playback and analysis. This system offers significant advantages in comparison to existing technology:

¥    It can be used both indoors and outdoors. No specific camera installation is needed. Athletes can just do their routine training as usual.
¥    The system provides motion tracking data in combination with data on electrical muscle activity (EMG) and heartrate signals (ECG). The combination of physiological data and motion data enables a comprehensive analysis. 

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