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Secure Automotive Computing with Sancus

Modern cars are controlled by a network of processors that operate the car’s behavior and safety functionality. These Electronic Control Units intervene when necessary, e.g. for braking, steering, switching on the lights, or for activating the airbags. Modern cars also contain infotainment and navigation systems that are hooked up both to this network of processors and to the “outside world”, potentially allowing the outside world to interfere with safety-critical functionality and thus rendering the vehicle vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Researchers at imec - KU Leuven have risen to this challenge. The result is Sancus, a new security architecture for networked embedded devices, ready to be used to secure not only smart vehicles, but also other critical infrastructure, e.g. medical equipment, smart buildings, or power grids. The Sancus solution is particularly interesting because of its low complexity and cost.

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