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Fall Risk Scale: The World’s First Clinically-Validated Fall Risk Prediction Algorithm

Falling remains one of the most important health hazards for elderly people, with potentially severe consequences. Out of 93 million European citizens aged 65 and older, some 31 million fall at least once a year. To allow elderly people to live independently as long as possible, fall risk assessment is a must.
In this demo, we present the first fall risk prediction algorithm that has been validated in a clinical context. By ‘weighing’ a person’s posture, the tool calculates and communicates the risk of falling. The main advantage of this technology is that it can easily be integrated into regular electronic weighing scales at low cost. Thus, elevated fall risks can be objectively signalled (and falls prevented) by simply stepping on the scale during the daily bathroom routine, rather than by means of a lengthy consultation requiring the services of an expert.

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