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DenseLAN: Management of Heterogeneous Networks

In the future, any device that can be connected to the internet will be connected. In our homes, for instance, we want to be able to enjoy multimedia services (e.g. 4K video streaming), real-time applications (e.g. video chat) and connect a variety of low-power IoT devices (e.g. smart thermostats, smart fridges, etc.) 

However, each of these devices comes with different needs and network requirements. Currently, it’s up to the non-expert consumer to manually connect their devices to the right network (e.g., Ethernet, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, 5GHz Wi-Fi, ZigBee) at the right time. For example, current Wi-Fi access points will push as many devices as possible to use 5GHz, while much higher throughput could be achieved by load balancing them across 2.4 and 5GHz. As the devices and networks in our homes are becoming more heterogeneous, this is of course becoming increasingly complex.

In this demo, we present DenseLAN, a Wi-Fi network controller that automatically hooks devices up to the most optimal network, thereby making sure users’ expectations in terms of quality-of-experience are met on a continuous basis.

•    The controller estimates and predicts the bandwidth needs of all devices and applications using the network. 
•    Each device is automatically steered to use the right network, based on its own needs and those of the devices around it.
•    As the needs of applications and devices change, the Wi-Fi controller will automatically adapt its decisions in real-time.

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