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Collecting and Sharing Air Quality Data

Never before did so many people live in cities. As a consequence, the hustle and bustle of urban life is becoming ever more complex. Luckily, smart (city) technology can offer us the tools to turn this modern-day challenge into an opportunity. Imec’s ‘City of Things’ testbed in Antwerp offers the components and services to research and test products, services and business models in a smart city context – with prototypes being validated through a proven track record of living lab operations. 

Clean air concerns us all. Although we are vaguely aware that a potential lack of clean air is one of city life’s main drawbacks, very few of us actually know what the air quality in our own neighbourhood is like. To close this information gap, imec has designed a sensor box that measures different aspects of air quality.  

These sensor boxes are then placed on the roofs of mail delivery vans. While these vans go about their daily business in the city, the sensors continuously measure air quality, thus providing us with data from a larger geographical area than a single fixed sensor could ever cover. 

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