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CitizenBike: Bike-Mounted Sensors for Real-Time Citizen Interaction

Never before did so many people live in cities. As a consequence, the hustle and bustle of urban life is becoming ever more complex. Luckily, smart (city) technology can offer us the tools to turn this modern-day challenge into an opportunity. Imec’s ‘City of Things’ testbed in Antwerp offers the components and services to research and test products, services and business models in a smart city context – with prototypes being validated through a proven track record of living lab operations. 

Communication is essential to bridge the gap between citizens and smart city services. One of the City of Things technologies to create interaction between citizens and the city is a bike-mounted sensor. It enables safe, real-time interaction with participating cyclists and provides the smart city with valuable information regarding, for example, infrastructure improvements or green wave smart mobility. 

The sensor automatically provides real-time contextual data (e.g. noise, movement, ...) that complements user-initiated input. Depending on the use case in which the sensor is applied, further information can be gathered from the user post factum with a specific application. This creates the opportunity to organize tailored cyclist information gathering campaigns to study and improve life in the smart city.

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