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Cellular IoT for Low-Power Wide Area Networks

From smart cities to health monitoring, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the next step in how technology interacts with its environment. The IoT will connect billions of sensors with the cloud and other sensor networks, thereby creating intuitive systems that react to local conditions in a global context. 

The real power of the IoT will be unlocked by enabling long-range but ultra-low power wireless sensor communication – which will require the development of new low-power radio technologies, for both unlicensed as well as licensed cellular bands. Recently, low-power wireless IoT communication in cellular networks – referred to as ‘cellular IoT’ – has gained significant traction. 

In this demo, imec presents a high output-power, fully-integrated, high-efficiency CMOS power amplifier (PA) for cellular IoT radios. This solution makes it possible to have the PA on chip, overcomes the problem of IQ mismatch, consumes less power and implements special high-efficiency operation modes. This will further reduce power consumption and, hence, extend battery life and reduce cost and maintenance intervals for cellular IoT sensor nodes.

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