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Autonomous IoT Livestock Monitoring

To remain competitive, dairy farmers have to increase their herd size. However, this makes it increasingly difficult to spot health problems in individual cows – while not detecting these anomalies in time can become pretty costly. The costs for an udder infection that was detected late, for instance, can amount to 150 euros. And a missed oestrus or undetected lameness comes with a price tag of 250 euros. In short, every growing dairy farm could benefit from automated animal monitoring systems.

In this demo, we showcase the provisional results of the imec.icon ‘MoniCow’ project – which aims at developing an energy-efficient wireless monitoring system for livestock farmers. By making use of the latest IoT technologies, the MoniCow approach offers three key advantages:

  • Location tracking: it allows farmers to locate their cattle in real time by using sensors placed on the animals’ bodies.
  • Health monitoring: it collects and processes multiple health indicators – from animals’ eating and drinking behavior to body temperature and general movements. All of these indicators are combined to give a clear overview of each animal’s health.
  • Energy efficiency: the MoniCow approach is energy-efficient thanks to a self-inductive power system. 


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