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High-Speed Multispectral Image Scanning

Imagine a satellite inspecting a farmer’s land – using high-resolution, multispectral images. Analysis of the image data timely identifies agronomic issues, such as plant diseases and weed infestations – which then allows for an optimized treatment of land and crops. Today, this is becoming a booming business.

Now, instead of taking lots and lots of pictures and then trying to nicely stitch them all together afterwards, wouldn't it be nice to be able to just scan the scenery and obtain one continuous image automatically? Furthermore, wouldn't it be nice not having to sacrifice your image resolution to get the spectral content needed to perform your image analysis?

Today, this is not possible since multi-camera systems or push-broom spectral camera solutions are either not sensitive enough, cannot deliver the needed spectral content in combination with the desired ground resolution, or require unrealistic large data rates.

In this demo, imec presents a new silicon process technology as well as a new demonstrator chip that results from it, which have specifically been developed for imaging. Both the chip and the underlying technology can fully be customized to support specific application needs.

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