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Spott™ : Watch. Click. Discover.

Advertising is going through a paradigm shift: 84% of all TV-advertising gets fast-forwarded; 41% finds smartphone advertising intrusive; 26% of Internet users are installing ad blockers. In other words: not having a better advertising alternative can endanger the future of media.

In this demo, we introduce ‘Spott’ – a service that has successfully been launched in Belgium in October 2016, and that is now planning to expand to other parts of the world. Leveraging the imec.livinglabs approach to guide its go-to-market, Spott –

  1. Enriches any program with metadata (pictures, descriptor, price, e-commerce link), so you can interact with your favourite content.
  2. Turns any type of video into an interactive experience: just use your smartphone to synchronize with your TV and discover what your favourite actor is wearing.
  3. Allows you not only to discover items, but also to buy them immediately.


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