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Implantable Neural Interfaces to Decode the Brain

In this demo, we demonstrate imec’s neurotechnology – i.e. technologies and microsystems for implantable neural interfaces that are capable of:

  • Recording the electrical communication between thousands of neurons, allowing neuroscientists to better understand brain functionality and helping them develop novel therapies for brain disorders
  • Restoring functionality of lost limbs by interfacing with the peripheral nerves with high fiber selectivity

Key benefits of imec’s technology include:

  • Minimally invasive – imec’s neural implantable devices have a minimal footprint and are biocompatible, enabling long-term operation
  • High-density – integrating >1300 electrodes onto an ultra-thin probe for simultaneous read-out of large populations of neurons to unravel neural circuits
  • High-quality signals – via amplification on chip, enabling low-noise measurements of the small neuronal signals
  • In addition, photonic and microfluidic additions can be made to the probe to allow optogenetic and chemical interaction with the nerve cells with high spatial and temporal resolution



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