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Efficient 3D Mapping Using Lidar Technology

Many of today’s applications require the accurate and fast 3D reconstruction of large-scale environments – such as industrial plants, critical infrastructure, public buildings, etc.

In this demo, we present LiBorg: a 3D mapping platform consisting of a mobile robot, a lidar scanner and reconstruction software providing a means to generate 3D models – both indoor and outdoor, and in real-time.

As LiBorg allows 3D models to be built on the fly and with minimal human intervention (hence saving time and money), the technology can be used to –

  • Assess damage to critical infrastructure such as bridges or tunnels
  • Map cultural heritage
  • Monitor construction sites
  • Manage disaster scenes (by quickly providing 3D models of destroyed areas)
  • Map conference/festival/event locations

Contact: Michiel Vlaminck (

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