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NeoGuard: Intelligent Software Protecting Babies' Brains

Newborn babies can suffer from neurological problems. Among these, epileptic seizures are of special interest due to their huge impact on babies’ normal development. To detect these seizures, the newborns need to be examined by an expert clinical neurophysiologist through continuous monitoring of EEG signals and video recordings. However, in practice, continuously monitoring EEG signals is a time-consuming job; it is simply impossible for experts to monitor those signals 24/7. 

In this demo, we present NeoGuard: the first solution to automatically detect epileptic seizures in newborn babies. Developed by researchers from imec - KU Leuven, the NeoGuard prototype combines hardware and smart algorithms that can be coupled to existing EEG electrodes. With this tool –

  • EEG signals are continuously monitored and displayed in real-time on a user-friendly interface that can be used on any laptop
  • The power of brain activities in different frequency bands is shown on a real-time 3D model
  • Neonatal seizures are automatically detected
  • The inter-burst interval and its evolution over time can be identified


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