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The Digital Speech Therapy Assistant

Children and adults with speech problems go to trained speech therapists. The therapists conduct a test, analyze it, make a diagnosis, and then start a therapy that typically involves one or two appointments a week. A well-oiled machine, right? 

But what if those appointments could be made even more efficient by using a digital speech therapy assistant – an assistant that automatically analyzes tests and can be used to do exercises, both at the speech therapy clinic and at home?  

In this demo, we present SAY-IT, an automatic speech analysis tool that perfectly supports speech therapists and their patients; a tool developed by imec researchers at Ghent University and VUB.

Of course, speech therapists will continue to make the diagnosis and use their expertise to devise suitable therapy. But from now on they can also use SAY-IT to analyze speech tests automatically (objectively and within a few seconds), even during the actual session with the patient, so that appointments become more fruitful. Furthermore, the tool can be used to do extra exercises at home. SAY-IT not only generates automatic feedback, but also allows a speech therapist to monitor the patient's progress remotely.

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