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Demo session

At ITF2017 Israel, imec will demonstrate some state-of-the-art prototypes and technological solutions for:

  • Advanced wearable solutions for health monitoring & coaching & diagnostics
  • Nanoelectronics for powerful life science instrumentation
  • Perceptive systems for the intuitive internet of things


Advanced wearable solutions for health monitoring - coaching - diagnostics

Imec and Holst Centre develop technologies for wearable health and lifestyle multi-sensor platforms, with ultralow-power components, radios and sensors with medical accuracy. These body area networks can play a key role in empowering people to live a healthier life and to prevent diseases. Examples are wearable sensors that measure our physical activity, stress, cardiac activity, brain activity, ...


  • Health patch
  • Comfortable high-quality EEG headset
  • CHILL - Wristband for ambulatory stress monitoring


Nanoelectronics for powerful life science instrumentation

Within our life science research, imec and its healthcare partners build on the power of nanoelectronics to develop very powerful instrumentation at the lowest possible cost. Smart silicon chip based instruments and disposables will facilitate both discovery in the lab and routine diagnostics anywhere and anytime. These are disruptive nanotechnology solutions e.g. for ultrafast inspection and sorting of human cells looking for stray cancer cells, for the detection and sequencing of DNA markers, for interacting with the nerve system via implantable devices or for stem cell culturing to help select and develop better (personalized) drugs.


  • Implantable microsystem 1: 966-Electrode Neural Probe with 384 Configurable Channels in 0.13μm SOI CMOS
  • Implantable microsystem 2: High-density 1400-pixel neural probe in 0.13um CMOS for in vivo large-scale neural recording
  • High Throughput nano-electronics based cell-sorting for point-of-care applications and early cancer diagnostics
  • Chip with 4 PCR cavities combined with micropillar filters for sample preparation
  • PCR chip with integrated heaters mounted on PCB

Perceptive Systems for the intuitive internet of things

The coming decade will see a rise in smart connected systems. Machines, buildings, vehicles, personal appliances will all be equipped with more intelligence that will be interconnected. Such smart systems will help manage the sustainability, complexity and safety of our world. Smart systems will be unobtrusive, ultrasmall, cheap, intelligent, and ultra-low power. They will include sensors, actuators, and processing and communication abilities, often in a one-chip wireless solution.

Imec develops solutions for:

  • Compact and power-efficient sensor modules
  • Future wireless connectivity


  • Multi-sensor air quality monitoring platform
  • Multi-ion sensor for IoT applications
  • SubGHz multi-standard radio for Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) applications
  • 60GHz phased array beam steering communications for WiGig and 5G
  • Compact 79GHz CMOS automotive radar









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