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Antwerp – a city trip like no other

Museums, shops, architecture: whatever is on your checklist, Antwerp can offer.

In the Antwerp skyline, the Cathedral of Our Lady takes pride of place: it is the highest church spire in the Low Lands and listed UNESCO World Heritage. A little further up, MAS  | Museum aan de Stroom stands out, from the roof top, you can admire the whole city. Antwerp counts many special museums; they all offer a little something extra. And in museum-grade buildings, like the neoclassical Stadsfeestzaal, the Palace in Meir and Mercado, you can shop, eat or simply enjoy life.

People from Antwerp set the trend: Antwerp is a cradle of diamond and fashion. You will find more diamonds in the Diamond Square Mile than in the rest of the world. Couture is not only in the boutiques, but also on the streets, at MoMu | Fashion Museum and at the fashion department of the Royal Academy. Locals proudly refer to their city as cosmopolitan, with a village atmosphere: you can find everything here, but always within walking, or at least cycling, distance.


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