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ITF2017 Japan

Date: Monday, November 13, 2017
Location: Hotel New Otani, Tokyo

More info on ITF2017 Japan will be available as from August 2017.

What is ITF2017 Japan?
ITF2017 Japan is your key technology event for IC technology, smart systems for the IoT and sustainable energy R&D.
Innovation doesn’t always come with a single spark of insight. It is often the result of endless questions, discussions, challenges, and being daring enough to toss out solutions that may seem smart, but just aren’t the right answer.
At ITF2017 Japan, we gather experts and visionaries from the Japanese industry and from imec to discuss the future in technology. We will look at nanotechnology from different angles, question its future course, identify its use in new applications, and offer different paths for powering the future through the power of nanotechnology.
ITF2017 Japan offers a half-day packed with exclusive keynotes, insightful presentations and networking opportunities. It is brought to you by imec, one of the world’s premier R&D centers in nanoelectronics.
ITF Japan completes our series of highly acclaimed Imec Technology Forums. Other ITF events are hosted in the USA, Israel and Southeast Asia, in addition to ITF Healthcare and of course, our flagship ITF conference in Belgium.

Who attends ITF2017 Japan?
At ITF2016 JAPAN you will meet about 500 attendees, mostly key executives and R&D managers from IDMs, system houses, foundries, fabless and fablite companies, equipment and material suppliers, medical device manufacturers, universities and research institutes.
If you are interested in attending ITF JAPAN, you can apply for the registration code by sending an email with your company name and job title to the conference organizer Christine Vanherck (vanherck@imec.be).

ITF2017 Japan sponsor opportunities
ITF is the n° 1 technology event for sponsors to connect with the leading innovators of tomorrow’s economy and society; and to stand out as a trusted partner for business and policy executives, as well as for research institutes. As an ITF sponsor you will benefit from guaranteed brand exposure leaving a significant impression in people’s minds.
Explore our sponsor deals or request more info via Annouck.Vanrompay@imec.be.

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