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ITF Belgium is the flagship edition of the worldwide series of Imec Technology Forums. Each year, it rallies experts and visionaries from around the world at a two-day event to discuss the future of technology and how tech innovation can be brought to market.

ITF Belgium – which is being organized in Antwerp this year – equals:  

  • Two days packed with exclusive keynotes and insightful presentations on tech trends
  • Premium networking opportunities with global and local leaders in ICT
  • Seven thematic breakouts
  • 50+ interactive demos

This year’s theme is: “Nano-Bytes Creating Magic” – uniquely fusing the fascinating worlds of nanoelectronics and digital technologies following the merger of imec and iMinds.

At this XL ‘coming out party’ of the broadened imec, you will experience how the development of increasingly powerful and smaller chips allows us to make every object intelligent and bring tons of data at our fingertips. By combining all those data and translating them into meaningful information, truly smart applications can be created that enhance our life – in application domains as broad as smart health, smart cities and mobility, smart industries, and energy; all while taking into account digital privacy and security concerns.

Eager to discover what the future has in store for you? Take a head-start and register for ITF Belgium (Antwerp, May 16-17, 2017).


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